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Turkey chaos, amongst other things

Hello, folks! Getting reading for Thanksgiving here, so don't expect any new content from me this Black Friday. But I do plan on having a new piece ready the following Friday, so I hope you'll all stop in to see what's been cooking...apart from a whole lot of delicious side dishes.

That's what we're up to this holiday. Lots and lots of side dishes sans the poultry. Because, seriously, does anyone really want turkey?

I mean, even when it's cooked to perfection, it's a whole lot of work for me to ultimately have to nag my kids to eat at least a little meat, when I don't even particularly love it myself. And then we're stuck eating turkey leftovers for weeks.

No, thank you!

So our Friendsgiving -- we started our own tradition several years ago that meant doing our own thing with friends on Thanksgiving and skipping dinner with our extended family -- is going turkey-less this year. Why should one more turkey die just to have me pretend I'm going to make soup with the carcass before I ultimately throw it all out?

But I digress...

I still have more to talk about regarding PM and his POV on ethical non-monogamy; I just have to buckle down and finish what I've been working on. I will endeavor to have something worth your time next Friday.

In the meantime, enjoy your turkey-day, if that's your jam.

And until next time, stay kinky 😉

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