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Being brave can get messy

It takes bravery to be our authentic selves. To be open and share our true, and often messy, human experience with others. We don’t always get it right. Or maybe it was right for us, and not for somebody else. But we keep at it. Because we don’t want to be anything other than what we truly are.

I have been through some tough weeks recently. Being myself has created discomfort for myself and others lately, and what’s worse, some strained relationships. I can’t help but ask: Do I fold back in on myself? Do I tuck away my authentic self in order to make spaces safe for everyone? Lock myself back into a box to accommodate to what others expect of me?

Or do I continue to be brave? To value the fostering of community that can be a brave space, one where we can share our truth — our thoughts and feelings and experiences, without fear?

I continue to choose the latter. I choose to understand the pain and discomfort as growing pains. But it’s not easy. And the self-doubt and self-loathing has been real.

For those who follow my personal essays on A Kink and a Prayer and may be wondering why I’ve been MIA, sorry for the cryptic update. Just know that I’m still here, with Preacher Man right beside me…and over me…and under me… 😉 And be assured that I will continue writing and sharing my journey. I’ve just needed some time to recover from some recent missteps made in my effort to simply be ME. But I am clawing my way back to feeling normal and hopeful again.

I promise I’ll share more soon. But in the mean time, let this poem speak to you as it has to me. (A very special shout-out to the beautiful friend who shared this poem with me. It’s a special thing to be truly seen and then, what more, loved. 🥰)

I'm hoping to have something to share in the next week or so. I hope you check back in.

Until next time, stay kinky 😉

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