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Hiya! I'm Molly!

I’m a 42-year-old heterosexual woman who’s trying to keep it real about sex and relationship-care in the context of long-term monogamy, family life and motherhood. My Preacher Man (PM) and I are now 21 years into marriage, with kids all under the age of 10, and yet (against all odds?) our relationship has taken a shockingly steamy turn over the last year and a half. *fans herself* Here on A Kink and a Prayer, I’m planning on talking about sex…a lot. If you’re not comfortable with the topic of sex (or if you’re a close relative😳), this blog is probably not for you. For the rest of you who are stopping in to take a peek, my hope is that by writing in an uninhibited and unashamed way about my life — the smokin’ hot deets and cringeworthy moments alike — you’ll laugh with me and perhaps even find a kindred spirit. So get comfortable and prepare yourself for quite a bit of NSFW sharing.

Check in every Friday for new essay content!

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