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Is this the end of the road?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Argh! Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't your regularly scheduled word from your neighborhood sex-crazed housewife and mother of three. I'm not going to be ready with anything new for 3PM today. 🥺

But I do have something in the hopper, and I do promise I will put in some time this weekend to finish what I've been working on. I sincerely hope that you'll check back in a few days.

Which brings me to other thoughts. I am wondering if my time writing here is coming to an end. My readership appears to be dwindling, and I'm not really sure if I should continue publishing.

I mean, I'll certainly continue to write. If I've learned anything through this process, it's that journaling helps me to be more self-aware, to be more introspective about my life rather than allow the day-to-day grind to just consume my time. To become more mindful. A reminder that my life, my story, my capacity for joy and passion and excitement, isn't over yet. And in that same vein, it's become a form of self-care for me as well.

I started this blog in the hope of connecting with people. With the thought that my sexy, messy journey might resonate with some folks. I mean, why do we read this sort of thing online in the first place? Why do Facebook or Instagram exist? C. S. Lewis famously wrote, "We read to know we are not alone." And I absolutely think this is true. And even if someone else's life looks vastly different from my own, there can exist that sense that a little part of me has connected in some way with a little part of that other person. That I'm seen. That somebody out there gets me, even just a little bit.

But I don't know if folks are still connecting with me. Here. I've always been honest that my sexy life is also messy, and to produce new content that's fairly well-written and edited takes quite a lot of time and effort for me. Without engagement on what I've written (and no, I don't count occasional private messages about what a cool chick I am and how about we chat), I kind of feel like I'm just sending my words out into the ether. No response. No echo. Like I'm talking to myself.

But I'm not sure how to better connect... From what I've seen of writers on Instagram, they have to work really hard to create a consistent social media presence to get readership. These writers are posting reels and quotes and blurbs every day on several platforms, multiple times a day, just in the hopes of getting heard over the clatter that is out there, desperately trying to make themselves visible enough that people have the chance to connect with them.

But I'm realizing that that is too much work for me at the moment. I want to make connections with my writing, for people to feel seen and heard because of my words, but I can only do so much.

And so I'm not sure whether I'll continue. Or if I do, how often that will be. Stay tuned in the near future for announcements of what might happen over here at A Kink and a Prayer.

And for the love of god, if you want me to continue, please "like" what you've read and leave a comment telling me what you liked and why. And share my site with others! Engagement is like the elixir of life to a writer. And if there's something you'd like to hear more about or something specific you'd like me to talk about and explore, please let me know! I can't be writing straight-up porn every week just to meet a deadline. I mean, I can, but I'm guessing that's not what folks are looking for. But who knows?! Without feedback, I'm grasping at straws here.

Check back in over the next few days, and I'll have something new posted for you all.

In the mean time, stay kinky 😉

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As a busy mom with multiple part-time jobs, I get it. And I see you. I really hope you keep sharing here, because I love reading your pieces. Even if you back off and post less frequently, I'll still be here reading. I've been married 20 years and am navigating my own sexual journey with kink and (possible) ENM, so this blog has been immensely helpful for me.

I'm also an introvert with a bad case of imposter syndrome, and even with years of therapy I'm still rather terrible at putting my words/thoughts/feelings out there to be judged by others, and this usually keeps me from commenting. I'm sorry for that.

Oct 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts about my blog and a little of your own journey as well. It means a lot to me that you’ve connected with my journey and my words. It really has been an adventure journaling my experiences, almost as much as the experiences themselves. And I’ve continued to work at it because of the thought that there might be people like you out there, connecting with my thoughts. If anyone gets anything from my writing, I hope that it helps them know they’re not alone if they think or feel in these ways. The caricature of moms is that we spend all our time obsessing about our families, and it’s just not…

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